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The Stalking of the People by Washoe County CPS

Attn: Washoe County CPS

"Are You Stalking Me!?"

~ Ed.

"You all sure seem to be interested in my friends, all of a sudden!"


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CPS Attacks Cherish Lumos ~ a friend of the Editor ~ in a failed attempt to take her daughter, Mattlynn.
  • Lumos confronted by twelve Sparks, Fallon and Reno P.D., driving a borrowed truck the day before, and forced to the ground at gunpoint. The vehicle allegedly suspected of being used by a drug trafficker.
  • The owner of the vehicle has actually been living a much more noble and heroic life and is a Disabled, Purple HeartVeteran, U.S. Army Ranger, wounded twice (Corrected ~ Ed.) in combat in Iraq, and presently offered return (Promotion) to Special Forces (Our Nation's Elite Fighting Forces) if he can overcome his earlier injuries. Also a friend of the Editor...
  • Lumos' children were not with her at the time of the altercation; released without charges. Had they been, we're wondering if this might have been a CPS intervention instead of a Drug Interdiction.
  • If this was a CPS intervention, considering the timing of things, does it really take twelve guns from three different cities to take down a single Mother running errands in an SUV !!??
  • On second thought...let's not go down that road with anything less than Stinger Missiles, Land Mines and an Anti-tank Arsenal! (Sorry guys! I know how Cherish drives!)
  • CPS Social Worker Emily Smith visits Karen Lekas' daughter at her school and when the child tells Smith that her Daddy didn't touch her and she wants him both home and to take her to the Father-Daughter dance. The Social Worker reported as replying that she "will do everything in her power" to send Dave Sharra home to the child.
  • Editor's daughter has her 3-month-old son removed from the Editor's home on December 8, 2009; Editor beaten in Home Invasion Attack by Reno P.D. for demanding Search Warrant and/or Court Order.


So, are the Editor's friends with children being stalked because of his publishing?

Cherish Lumos' Cases Added to Our Coverage Beginning Today...

...that's right, CPS!

We're still publishing..., we have more State and Federal complaints in process, including to the F.B.I.


Well, CPS sure has taken an interest in my friends. At the end of another CPS Gestapo-style assault on Motherhood last night, I got to speak with two Social Workers who had brought Cherish Lumos to Renown Medical Center, along with her baby girl Mattlynn, born in the Spring of 2009 with birth defects, to include organs that were growing in her lung and that lung, mostly collapsed.

By the time I received Cherish's tearful call, the child had already had labs and doctor's tests and the doctor, Dr. Theordore Sorenson of the Renown Emergency Room, had proclaimed the baby just fine and once I was in the Emergency Room, the doctor himself confirmed that with Social Workers, Cherish, Mattlyn and myself, indicating that there was even improvement in her liver function. He was all smiles and released Mattlynn and Cherish five minutes later.

The Social Workers were introduced to me on arrival, and the lead Social Worker, Julie Brandt, who was accompanied by another Social Worker, known only as "Jamie" at this time, but no fault of her own as I didn't bother to ask her what her last name was. It was already after nightfall and it was getting pretty late for me, but not like it was for Cherish, who had the presence of these two Social Workers since earlier in the day.

A very interesting CPS raid in that, they didn't know where Cherish was and went to her Mother's work to ascertain her whereabouts. The Mother, unknowing of CPS tactics, especially since we ourselves, published links and portions of those tactics here for the first time just last night, informed the Social Workers as to where Cherish was living. For whatever reason, the Social Workers did not go there immediately, though they later claimed to Cherish they made two visits and found no one at home.

Cherish informed this Editor ~ who was introduced to the Social Workers as the Editor of Silver State News Service (the lead worker, Julie Brandt, replying along the lines of [Editor's attempt to quote from memory] "Oh yes, I believe I've read some of that..."), so that there was no confusion as to whom I was and the job I was performing ~ that the Social Workers had not been as pleasant earlier in the day, and had even informed her that they had been stalking her (Editor's words..."watching her" was the approximate quote...) since November 7, 2009, the anniversary of the death of her infant son, Dale, who succombed to SIDS at Renown Hospital, despite desperate and extreme efforts to save him, including a CARE Flight from the Fallon area directly to Renown.

They apparently told Cherish that they wanted to see how she was going to react on that Anniversary, they believed she was suffering from Depression of a major variety (Editor's words...approximate quote as I did not have my audio tape recorders with me) and that they believed she didn't care about her children and wanted to take Mattlynn from her.

When asked about the reason for their visit, the Social workers told this Editor that "Cherish" had missed "a number " of Mattlynn's apointments. The Social workers indicated to Cherish "three." Cherish indicated to this Editor, "two," because of Depression from missing her son, who was currently with his father but did arrive yesterday at his Grandmother's house for a Christmas Family Dinner. I mentioned the issue to the Social Workers that the "separation anxiety" from her son was certainly understandable. During the visit, the Social Workers offered counseling for Depression, but after they left, Cherish made it clear ~ as have other Mothers I've spoken with ~ that she wants nothing to do with CPS.

As far as SSNS knows, there is no open CPS case involving Cherish and we are left to wonder if they thought they had a third child for their Instant Baby Adoption Mill (Editor's words..."charity" seems to miss the mark...) and didn't realize Mattlynn is disabled.

Why show up like the Gestapo if you're not stalking her (Mattlynn or Cherish, in particular)? If you're not watching her (Cherish's) every move and those of her children?

Of course, Christmas is a time of good will. If I wanted to make money adopting children out, ol' Ebenezer here could make a bundle if I had plenty of children to process through the Grist Mill.
Why bother a woman and her sick child and drag them out into the cold for a "medical check-up" six days before Christmas ~ on a Friday night ~ when you could be home enjoying your own family and children...

...if you have any. This Publication and its Editor are informed and believe that there are CPS workers who haven't had or raised a child, but that doesn't seem to stop them from being experts about Motherhood.

CPS ~ "It's not a Job, it's an Adventure!"

The Editor is wondering why these CPS workers are watching Cherish with such a keen eye and why they even offered to leave the baby with Cherish, since there was no other family that could handle the child, considering Mattlynn is on oxygen (portable) and an oxygen generator (non-portable, home style) for her reduced oxygen capacity due to the lung defect.

Leave the child with the "negligent" Mother and you're saying the Mother is just fine. Missed appointments can be rescheduled and let us not forget, all the nasty weather these past couple of weeks, affecting driving conditions for a Mother with a roughly nine-month-old child requiring a three foot tall portable oxygen tank and accoutrements.

And what's with asking the Mother to set up the baby's Oxygen generator and equipment with the Foster family you're going to give the child to?

Professionally trained, highly-paid Washoe County CPS Social Workers don't know how to do that!?


Ol' Doc Sorenson was on the ball last night in the Renown ER! Not only did he nix that anything was wrong with Mattlynn, they even found that with this "negligent mother," the Liver function had improved!

To put it very bluntly, Doc Sorenson nixed CPS taking another innocent baby from another innocent Mother, depriving the Instant Baby Adoption Mill of more Grist to Grind.

Cherish had a bad day, to be sure.

CPS has been working on this scam since November 7, 2009, and a 1 1/2 month kidnapping plot has just gone into the toilet. Now, looking back on Cherish, perhaps her day wasn't so bad after all. Nor Mattlynn's, considering she's still with the Mother that loves her, and Mattlynn loves her back, and Mattlynn's Liver Function is improved. Something I recall that CPS applauded last night in the Emergency Room at Renown.

We don't advise Cherish to miss anymore appointments but I think you can see where I'd be headed if I said ~ in humor ~ "Hey, maybe Mattlynn feels better the less doctors she sees!" Cherish will reschedule and make the appointments. So, why the interrogation? Why go to her Mother's work to track her down if you're already stalking her (Editor's words ~ unlawful "observation" is probably what you're all thinking at this moment. Let's do be Politically Correct...)?

Harrassment, perhaps, above and beyond Kidnapping and Human Trafficking for Profit!?
Why X-number of hours in the Emergency Room taking doctors and staff away from the ER patients who REALLY NEED THEM !!??

And fellow taxpayers, you and I are paying through the ying-yang for this!

What I'm thinking at this moment is: "Satan, I rebuke you! You have no power over me!"

Which is to say, if I'm not stupid enough for the Devil to trick, what makes CPS think they're going to pull the wool over my eyes or those of my readers!?

When Cherish was younger ~ she is twenty-five years of age at this time and had her first of five children so far in her teens (16 years of age, to the best of my recollection...we'll update all of these details for you readers later...), with the first two being taken by CPS, one passing away (Dale, who died of SIDS while approaching a toddler's age), and the other currently between Cherish and his father.

Cherish asked these two people, Julie and Jamie, if they were "ever going to get out of my life and leave me alone!?" Their answer was apparently no.

In the Emergency Room, however, all bright sunshine and smiles. Even a little applause when Mattlynn is declared in excellent health, to include improvement in Liver function. Seems Mom has her act together! In fact, CPS told her in front of this Editor that she had "done everything right ~ you're in the driver's seat," in terms of riding back home with them or returning to her home with this Editor driving.


Cherish: "I want to go with Bear," and so she did, with CPS indicating that "We'll leave you in Mark Daniels' capable hands then..." (Approximate quote) and they departed, since the doctor refused to diagnose Mattlynn in the manner that CPS may have wanted ~ i.e., "contrary to the Truth" ~ and since all the ER and Materinity Docs and Nurses know Cherish and her struggle to keep this child alive, following the loss of her beautiful son Dale, let's just say there's this "aura" of protection for these two in particular, who try to avoid CPS Social Workers like a Rabbi might try to avoid Adolf Hitler in pre-WWII...

...except that if given the opportunity, the Rabbi might like to smack ol' Adolf upside the head with a brick!

...or, I've always loved that scene in Adam Sandler's "Little Nicky," where Hitler is forced to dress up as a hotel maid and take a full grown pineapple up the Wazoo ~ like Washoe County Social Services, CPS and two, renegade, Reno P.D. officers are about to, in my Police Brutality/Civil Rights/Human Rights Violations cases, criminal and otherwise.

And who would blame him (the Rabbi) or his antagonist (Satan, as played by Harvey Keitel [Reservoir Dogs], in Little Nicky)!?

The women that I'm speaking with these days seem to think that Washoe County CPS Social Workers already have a pineapple shoved up there anyhow, when they come to purge Motherhood (Editor's words again..."visit" might be the word you're all searching for.) and carry crying, screaming, frightened children off into the night (Editor's words time, those are the words).

The Social Workers made their get-a-way (Editor's words..."departure" might be more the light these two CPS types would rather be in...), followed by Cherish, Mattlynn and I, and that was the end of another trying day in the life of a Washoe County Mother and her adorable, beautiful, smiling infant daughter.

SSNS was given permission by Cherish Lumos to begin coverage of her cases and their history back to her teenage days, especially since she wants CPS out of her life for good.

CPS wanted a drug test from her today, but my sudden appearance may have flustered the two "Ladies." They forgot to give Cherish the address, directions and a map. The test is by Law, obviously optional, since there is no Court Order requiring it.

Silver State News Service and its Editor are advising everyone that, due to CPS Tactics, as outlined at this link FightCPS.Com, among many others, should avoid any voluntary conduct in conjunction with CPS "Visits" (ALSO SEE "The Krystallnacht" and "The Holocaust" and "Lebensborn" and "Nazi Human Experimentation" at ).

And, of course, stay tuned for more since ~ if you have contact with this Editor and have children ~ you'll likely be receiving your CPS Gestapo visit soon. Let us know ~


Silver State News Service Editor learned this morning, December 19, 2009 ~ five days before Christmas Eve ~ that CPS Social Worker Emily Smith paid a visit to Karen Lekas' daughter at her school. The child, who is now ten years old and watching from the sidelines as other girls prepare for an upcoming "Father-Daughter" dance at her school, told Smith that she wanted her father, Dave Sharra, home and repeated that he had never touched her "in that way," and further told Smith that she wanted Dave home to take her to the Father-Daughter dance. Smith reportedly replied that "I will do everything in my power to see that happens."

Ms. Emily Smith and Washoe County CPS ~ all eyes are on you...

...six days from Christmas.

Amazing how Washoe County CPS workers are spending their Christmas Holidays!

No, Really, CPS ! How much more is Cherish Lumos going to have to suffer from you?
How about all the other Mothers in Washoe County?

We'd like an answer...

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